28. Thor

MMmm sexi

27. Lamar 02

My big ass phone has some big problems.

26. Beyond Good

I watched this game, and it’s gooood. So many tears~ 

25. New 03

Ack. I’m really late with an update 😛

24. New 02

Still confused by Windows 8 >.<

23. New 01

Woooo Just got a new computer~ What does this button do..?

22. Drag 3

One of my worst and best enemies when putting on a face. LASHES. They can mess up a great makeup. But when done right, make a HUGE difference! BOOM, GORGEOUS!

21. Interwebs 02

More sillyness~ Trying to letter the text myself… think it might be too messy. ><

20. Interwebs 01

I feel I can’t live without the internet for like a day, I will go cray.

Beefcake of the day,

Bowser as a skater punk.